Martyr Hossein Mottaghi

Date of Birth: May 8, 1968

Place of Birth: Vishga’ Suqhe near Rasht

Age: 19

Education: Diploma

Marital Status: Single

Date of martyrdom: July 1, 1987


Martyr Hossein Mottaghi was born in a poor rural but very religious family in the village of Vishga’ Suqhe near the northern city of Rasht on may 8, 1968. There he grew up and went to school, like other school kids, until he received high school diploma. However he had to help his poor family which had a very little income from agricultural work in his leisure time. Hossein was an affable good-tempered man and always respected his parents and others.

During the peak days of the Islamic Revolution martyr Hossein Mottaghi and his brother and family set up secret revolutionary activities against the dictatorship and after the victory of the Revolution he kept on his cultural as well as social activities especially in mosques. Then he was dispatched to Zahedan for the military service but after a few months he was targeted and martyred in clashes with the elements of terrorist groups on July 1, 1987 and was buried in the town of Rasht.