New Warning from MEK Trial Judge to France and Albania

The presiding judge of the trial of members of the MEK terrorist group has warned France and Albania that hosting terrorists is a crime.

According to Habilian, Judge Dehghani Nia opened yesterday's session with a warning to countries backing the MEK terrorist group. He declared, "We warn any nations currently hosting the defendants in this case that doing so breaches international anti-terrorism conventions.

Judge Dehghani Nia called on certain countries, including France, to reverse their decision to host the defendants. These defendants stand accused of terrorist acts and crimes against humanity. The judge further called for cooperation with international organizations to extradite them to Iran, pursuant to the issued red notice.

The judge presiding over the trial of 104 members of the MEK terrorist group also reached out to the Albanian people. Albania now hosts the MEK, and the judge urged them to pressure their government to extradite the defendants to Iran.

Since establishing a presence in Albania in 2013 and benefiting from facilities provided by the Albanian government, the MEK terrorist group has been actively plotting and carrying out anti-Iranian actions.

It is worth noting that a trial against members of the MKO terrorist group began last year in Tehran. They face charges of crimes against humanity and committing terrorist acts against the Iranian people.