MEK trial judge's appeal to the Albanian people

Judge Dehghani Nia, the presiding judge in the trial of 104 senior members of the MEK terrorist group, has called on the people of Albania to demand that their government expel and extradite these individuals to Iran.

According to Habilian, at the beginning of the recent court session held in Tehran, Judge Dehghani Nia said: "I am announcing to international organizations, Interpol, the people of the countries hosting the defendants in this indictment, and their judicial and security apparatuses that the indictment of 104 defendants has been issued and the crime of these individuals is not simply murder. They have committed crimes such as burning children, torture and skinning people alive, bombing and hijacking, and are now on trial in a competent court."

The MEK trial judge called on international organizations and the people of the countries hosting the MEK to take the lead in demanding the expulsion of these individuals and their presence in court until a final decision is made and a verdict is issued. He added that these defendants have the right to freely choose their lawyers.

Addressing Albanian citizens, whose country officially hosts over 2,000 members of the MEK terrorist organization, Judge Deghani Nia said: "I tell the people of Albania that there are people living among you who are more than just suspects and have been indicted. It seems that the governments of these countries have not informed their people about such a trial. We hope that these governments, by prioritizing the security of their people, will take steps to extradite these individuals to Iran in the interests of their own countries."