Families of Terror Victims Express Condolence with Syrian People and Government

Following the terrorist drone strike in the Syrian city of Homs, which led to the killing of dozens of innocent people of this country, families of Iranian terror victims in a statement expressed their condolence with the families of the attack’s victims. The statement reads as follows:
The news of terrorist attack on the graduation ceremony for officers of the military academy in the historical city of Homs, which led to the killing of dozens of them and a number of their families, including innocent women and children, was really heart-breaking. For more than a decade, Syria, as a historical, cultural, political and economic centers of the region, has been a breeding ground for transnational terrorist groups and their regional and extra-regional supporters, especially the United States and the Zionist regime. Violence and war-mongering led to the country’s destruction and loss of the lives of many innocent people.
With the support of the Syrian people and government, and other countries and resistance groups, major parts of the Syrian territory have been regained and compared to past, different security conditions are now in place. Meanwhile, terrorists and their known supporters are trying to compensate for this defeat by killing innocent people. Iranian people have always been one of the biggest victims of terrorism in the world within the last four decades. But with resistance, determination and integrity, they were able to overcome these terrorist groups inside their land and force them to flee the country. Although these groups are still supported by some countries in the West, with its patience, the Iranian nation will be the final winner, because terrorism is doomed to failure wherever it is in the world.
Habilian Association, as the representative of Iranian families of terror victims, while sympathizing with the resistant nation of Syria, expresses its condolences to the beloved families of the martyrs and prays to Almighty God to heal the injured. Resistance, unity, and integrity of the nation are the key to expelling the aggressors and terrorists from the Syrian soil. Moreover, we believe now that the warmongers have failed to achieve their goals in Syria and the region, it is necessary for international institution to rush to the aid of Syria so that with the help of its people, peace and stability once again spread throughout this country and terrorism and extremist groups leave Syria for good.
Habilian Association (Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism)
October 6, 2023