The Necessity for a Joint Effort by Tehran and Ankara in Fight against Separatist Terrorism

The suicide bombing in front of the General Directorate of Security building, in the Turkish capital Ankara caused a wave of concern through the country. The attack was carried out by the PKK terrorist group after a long period of peace in Turkey. However, it was not far from the expectation that terrorist and separatist groups trigger violent actions once again in that country.
Separatist Terrorist groups such as PKK, Komalah, KDPI and PJAK all of which share common intellectual origins, have killed and injured thousands of ordinary people besides sectarianist measures.
In recent years, Iranian citizens and border guards in the northwest and west of the country have been subjected to violent attacks conducted by these groups. In reaction, Iran wiped out the headquarters of these groups in northern Iraq and the border strip with the country. However, the continued life of these groups in the region is still a threat to its security. Therefore, it seems crucial for the region’s countries to adopt joint measures in the fight against terrorism and eradicate the foundations of separatist groups in order to protect the security of their citizens.

Joint efforts of Tehran and Ankara and adopting a pragmatic approach toward some Western and regional countries who support separatist terrorist groups is an undeniable necessity that must be taken more seriously.