Terrorist leader, accused of attacking Iran convoys, killed

Pakistan’s most wanted terrorist leader, Muhammad Asa, accused of attacking Iranian convoys, was shot dead in clashes between rival terrorist groups that erupted over the distribution of looted money.

Hailing from the banned so-called Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), Asa, also known as Mullah Ibrahim, carried a head bounty of 14,000 dollars from the Pakistan government.

Asa was involved in countless number of terrorist attacks, including assaults on Iranian trucks that were on the way to Taftan border zero point (Mirjaveh), and against the security forces.

He was also involved in sabotaging operations to destroy infrastructure projects in Baluchistan province, and killing laborers working for the projects.

In addition to his involvement in acts of violence, the slain terrorist leader possessed expertise in the construction of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The death of the wanted terrorist is being considered a significant blow to the BLF.

Asa became a member of the BLF back in 2010 and remained involved in terrorist activities as a BLF militant in the areas of Kharan and Shor after he rose to become a leader.

Ever since it re-emerged in 2004 after the group's insurgency was defeated in both Pakistan and Iran, the BLF has been responsible for attacks on civilians, journalists, government officials, and military personnel in Balochistan.

On April 7, the Pakistani army claimed that it arrested Gulzar Imam, leader and founder of an armed group, the Baloch National Army which is responsible for "dozens of bloody attacks" in Pakistan, including assaults on law enforcement agencies.