Families of terror victims’ statement on the execution of ASMLA leader

Following the announcement of the execution of ASMLA terrorist group’s leader in Iran, Families of Iranian Victims of terrorism issued a statement expressing satisfaction for fulfillment of “a part of the justice process” regarding the murderers of their beloved ones.

The statement reads as follows:

More than a decade and a half has passed since the ASMLA group’s brutal terrorist acts in Iran, during which more than 450 Iranian citizens were killed and wounded by elements of this terrorist group. However, the group leaders who planed these attacks, were allowed to operate freely in European countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. During these years, hearing the voices of the victims for prosecuting perpetrators and commanders of these attacks had become an unattainable dream.

Nevertheless, since the arrestment of the ASMLA’s leader Habib Chaab two and a half years ago, the families of victims of terrorist acts became hopeful that they can bring a suit against him. Despite being a bitter experience for us to hear about those terrorist events in which we lost our children and relatives, his prosecution was a true embodiment of justice.

In the meantime, what bothered us so much was the light-headed statement of the Swedish Foreign Minister in criticizing Chaab’s prosecution and supporting this executed terrorist, instead of apologizing to the families of victims of terrorist acts because of the role of this Swedish citizen in commanding and operating dozens of terrorist operations against the people of our country.

Interestingly, the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) terrorist group, who is responsible for the assassination of more than 12,000 Iranian citizens since the 1980s, also condemned the punishment of this terrorist.

Instead of bothering the families of victims of terrorist acts by condemning the punishment of a terrorist, Sweden’s Foreign Ministry should answer about the unfair trial of the Iranian citizen Mr. Hamid Nouri and MeK’s collusion with the Swedish judicial system in this case.

Besides appreciating the persons who arrest the executed leader of ASMLA terrorist group, we express our gratitude to the honorable judiciary for the prosecution of this terrorist and remind that his punishment was only “a part of justice”. We also urge the country’s authorities to address the issue of arresting and prosecuting other terrorists abroad who have the blood of thousands of innocent Iranian citizens on their hands.

Habilian Association (the Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism)

May 6, 2023