Crime of Being Woman

Women are Victims of Terrorist Cults both in and outside of them

March 8, signifies International Women's Day. Due to their substantial role in the construction of human cultures and societies, women have a unique position in all parts of the world. Respecting women equals respecting humanity.

Despite this special status, women have become victims countless times. They have fallen victim to violence and injustice such as those brainwashed by terror cults and extremist groups into performing suicide bombing and acts of terror.

The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (aka MeK) is among those terrorist groups which exploit women implementing cultic approaches. Using various methods of brainwashing and deception, women are recruited into cults and subjected to instrumental, moral and sexual abuses by the cult leader(s).

That is not the whole story. On the other hand, terrorist groups, especially the MeK, killed about 450 innocent women and girls throughout Iran by launching a horrible wave of assassinations. Of these, 77 people were under 10 years old. Some of these women were assassinated randomly, and some other were killed due to ideological intentions.