How important is the US House Resolution against Iran?

On February 8, 2023, a number of members of the House of Representatives signed a resolution supporting the recent riots in Iran and endorsing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) terrorist group. This was not the first interventionist US Congress resolution against Iran. Previously, such non-binding resolutions had been issued in the US Congress.

Here are a few points to note about this action of the US congressmen:
First, the resolution, known as H.Res 100, has no value due to the fact that this resolution is non-binding based on the internal rules of the Congress. There are two main types of legislations that originate from each house of Congress: bills and resolutions. In reality, resolutions are not laws; rather, they are expressions of sentiments of either the House or the Senate. House resolutions express the collective sentiments of the House on a particular issue, person or event. The recent resolution, which is a simple resolution, cannot be presented to the president for legal action and might only be sent to the relevant committee in the House.

Second, Regardless of what was said in the first paragraph and whether the aforementioned resolution is binding or not, it must be said that unfortunately, American politicians have fallen prey to the fraudulent schemes of the notorious MEK terrorist group and its lobbyists in Washington for years. The MEK were on the US list of terrorist groups for 17 years, and several reports have been published by the FBI and some other American security and political institutions against this group, which show their acts of terror, violent sectarian behavior, fraud and money laundering, siding with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and even assassinating several American citizens in Iran. Ignoring these important issues, however, the US representatives and politicians have been obtaining information about Iran from this notorious group and even directly supporting it.

Third, American people are experiencing unfavorable conditions. According to the last week's Gallup survey, more than 75% of Americans have expressed dissatisfaction with the conditions they are in. Also, based on 538, more than 52% of the citizens of this country are dissatisfied with the performance of their president. Instead of attending to these issues and the unprecedented inflation, the US congressmen resorted to illegal intervention measures in the internal affairs of other countries, relying on lies spread by a terrorist group.

The US has been primarily involved in political tensions and disputes within the past months, and both its current and former presidents should be investigated and questioned by the FBI due to the accusations made. Ironically, both of them are preparing for the next year's election campaign. It is very unfortunate that US politicians are committing such nauseating acts supporting a bankrupt terrorist group disgusted by Iranians and even Iranian diaspora opposition without the slightest knowledge about the realities of Iran.

Interestingly, in the recent events of the city of Atlanta, the police chief of the city called the riots in the city and the breaking of windows by the people in protest of the heinous killing of an environmental activist by the police an act of terror but, on the other hand, unfortunately, the approach of the American Congress and the political authorities is to support the violent riots and disturbances of the country in the last few months in Iran, back the saboteurs and killers and introduce them as peaceful protesters. This is nothing but a politicized behavior showing double standards.

Nonetheless, this action of American congressmen in support of rioters, saboteurs inside Iran, and a notorious terrorist group is legally a worthless political act which will put the MEK in a state of euphoria temporarily.