Death is Our Business

An exhibition on documents of the MEK terrorist group’s crimes was held in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday, June 10, by the families of terror victims in Iran. The exhibition, which contains documents and images of the MEK crimes against Iranian people, was held as a response to the trial of Mr. Hamid Nouri, an Iranian citizen, in a court in Stockholm where members of the infamous MEK terrorist cult were summoned to court by the Swedish judicial system as plaintiffs and witnesses and were given the floor for more than 90 sessions.

The political act of the Swedish judiciary, which is in fact an unjust treatment towards survivors and victims of terrorism, caused these families to obtain necessary legal permits and hold an exhibition on documents of MEK terrorist group’s crimes in Stockholm.

The issue met with a hysterical reaction on the MEK’s part, in a way that the group called for the cancellation of the exhibition hours before it was supposed to be on view. However, since the permit could not be revoked, the MEK tried to disrupt it through their members.

Attacking the organizers of the exhibition with cold weapon and assaulting the reporter and cameraman of Press TV and chanting slogans against them which led to the arrest of a few MEK members, tearing down a number of banners, constant television coverage of members trying to disrupt the exhibition are all part of the MEK’s drastic actions, which indicate that holding this exhibition has been very unpredictable and unbearable for them.

This terrorist group, which has overtaken all its rivals such as ISIS in committing all sorts of crimes, has been much more ruthless in previous years. The world media archive is full of violent actions of MEK members against any lawful gathering of Iranians in Europe and the United States who have some religious or political orientation towards their compatriots in Iran. Furthermore, all places affiliated with the Islamic republic of Iran in one way or another have always been MEK’s targets of attack.

A review of MEK’s attacks on rallies of Iranians abroad
June 22, 1981 | Oklahoma, USA:
Elements of the MEK attacked members of the Islamic Association of Students in America severely injured 4 (Ettela’at, June 22, 1981, p. 20).

June 23, 1981 | Hamburg, Germany:
About 20 supporters of the MEK attacked Watchlist 3 | Nov, 2022 the Iranian consulate in Hamburg and damaged the office property (Ettela’at, June 22, 1981, p. 20).

July 21, 1981 | Hamburg, Germany:
About 50 members and supporters of the MEK entered a mosque in Hamburg through a window, stole its property and tore a few books and photos in the mosque
(Kayhan, July 21, 1981, p. 4).

August 3, 1981 | Berlin, Germany:
Over 130 MEK supporters entered the Iranian embassy and the German police arrested them. However, only 20 were taken into custody and the rest were released (Jomhouri-e Eslami, August 5, 1981, p. 3).

August 4, 1981 | Berlin, Germany:
About 140 students of MEK supporters attacked the Iranian consulate, performed acts of sabotage, and wrote anti-revolution slogans on the embassy walls. The police released 25 embassy employees who were taken hostage. Also, 20 MEK supporters were arrested (Jomhouri-e Eslami, August 5, 1981, p. 3).

August 25, 1981 | Stockholm, Sweden:
MEK members occupied house of the Iranian ambassador to Sweden and took him along with his wife hostage. The police intervened and captured them. Meanwhile, some damage was made to the archive of ambassador’s diplomatic relations (History Calendar of Holy Defense, Vol 13, p. 112).

September 25, 1981 | Bonn, Germany:
MEK supporters attacked the students who were supposed to attend a war ceremony in the university of Mainz and injured 2 people. (Kayhan, November 8, 1981, p. 1).

October 6, 1981 | Italy:
In one of the Italian cities, a conflict flared up between members of Islamic Association of Students and elements of the MEK in which Ghazanfar Khavand, a third-year student of mechanical engineering at university of Turin was murdered (Jomhouri-e Eslami, p2, October 26, 1981; Ettela’at, p1, October 26, 1981; Kayhan, p. 3, October 22, 1981; The Encyclopedia of Names of Martyrs, Vol 21, p. 221; The Encyclopedia of Iranian Terror Victims, Vol 3, p. 93).

November 6, 1981 | California, the USA:
A large number of members of different anti-revolution groups attacked the gathering of mourners of Imam Hossein in University of California, Berkeley (Jomhouri-e Eslami, November 10, 1981, p. 2).

November 7, 1981 | Frankfurt, Germany:
100 MEK supporters equipped with batons, iron rods and axes assaulted 20 Iranian Muslim students who were praying in a Technical University located 20 km south of Frankfurt and severely injured 15. No one was arrested by the police (Kayhan, November 8, 1981, p. 1).

November 9, 1981 | Stockholm, Sweden:
40 MEK elements equipped with a variety of cold weapons attacked 3 students who were supporters of the revolution which led to the injury of all 3 (Kayhan, November 11, 1981, p. 3).

December 25, 1981 | Los Angles, the USA:
Maryam Ghorbanzade, a member of Islamic Association of Students, was murdered by elements of the MEK in her house in Los Angles (Jomhouri-e Eslami, January 14, 1981, p. 2; Ettela’at, December 31, 1981, p. 18; Kayhan, December 27, 1981, p. 1; Websites of Shahidpedia and Society of Devotees of the Islamic Revolution).

January 30, 1982 | Orino, Italy:
Following a skirmish between MEK elements and members of Islamic Association of Students, 9 were arrested. Also, one unlicensed hunting weapon and a large number of cold weapons were seized by the police (Jomhouri-e Eslami, January 30, 1982, p. 10).

February 9, 1982 | Minnesota, the USA:
The gathering of students to celebrate the third anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Minneapolis was attacked by elements of the MEK (Kayhan, February 10, 1982, p. 32).

March 1, 1982 | Rome, Italy:
At the end of a Du'a Kumayl reciting rite in the location of Islamic Association of Students, a serious conflict occurred between members of the Islamic Association of Students and MEK elements (Ettela’at, March 1, 1982, p. 2).