Terrorists shoot down people to accuse Iran of killing protestors: MP

The existence of security martyrs in the recent unrest has shown that the security forces have tried to defend civilians, but both forces and citizens have been killed by terrorists with the aim of accusing the Islamic Republic of killing people.

Abbas Golroo, the member of parliament's national security and foreign policy committee, told IRNA on Friday that the goal of forming international entities is to review issues related to countries away from political bias, while the recent resolutions by the UN Human Rights Council and the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) showed that they were ratified in line with the anti-Iran projects of the US and their allies.

Iran’s response to the UNHRC’s resolution to form a fact-finding committee is negative because Tehran sees it as hostile and far from realities on the ground, so the Islamic Republic will not cooperate with the committee, because the riots happened due to plots hatched by the West and the Zionist regime to kill people by the hands of the terrorist groups and accuse the Islamic System of committing it, he added.

If the fact-finding committee was independent and wanted to find facts and figures, they should have reviewed the terrorist attacks in Shiraz and Izeh, where the most victims were women and children, he noted.

Answering a question on the objective of the West in putting pressure on Iran via issuing such resolutions, he said that such pressures will not bear fruit because Iran’s stance regarding the nuclear negotiation is clear and the West will witness backlash.