Iran pens letter to UN on attacks on KRG-based terrorists

Iran has written a letter to the UN Security Council regarding the attacks on the positions of the terrorist adversary groups in northern Iraq.

In a letter to the President of the UN Security Council, Iran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations said that considering the destructive and riot-fomenting actions of terrorist groups in northern Iraq against the people and national security of Iran and their disrespect for repeated warnings and opposition, Iran had no choice but to exercise its right to respond.

The letter also said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly warned that terrorism is a common danger for the entire region, Iran, the government of Iraq and the government of Turkey, and the Iranian authorities have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the presence of military bases of anti-Iranian terrorist groups as well as the Zionists in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

It also added that Iran repeatedly told the central government of Iraq authorities as well as the Iraqi Kurdistan region that the terrorist groups' actions cannot be tolerated by Iran and these groups must be disarmed and their bases must be dismantled.

The Iran UN mission further said that the recent two rounds of attacks came after the terrorist groups' agents provoked Iran by their recent aggression on Iran's borders.