The MEK Hit Again an Exhibition in Sweden

The Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK terrorist group) attacked an exhibition on their crimes organized by a number of Iranian citizens residing in Sweden.

According to IRNA quoted by Habilian, an exhibition of the MEK’s crimes was planned by a few Iranian citizens living in Sweden, and staged in front of the parliament building and Stockholm court yesterday.

The exhibition, which will also be on view today illustrating part of the MEK terrorist group’s despicable crimes, has triggered the group’s violent reactions.

A number of news agencies have released photos and video footage of MEK members slashing posters and banners of the exhibition in front of the Swedish parliament building, which alerted the police and led to the arrest of several members of the group.   

This has not been the first time this country witnessed the MEK’s violent behavior. On June 10 and 11, an exhibition on the bloody crimes of this group in the 1960s was launched in front of the Stockholm court where members of this group destroyed the exhibition, assaulted a Press TV reporter, and attacked one of the exhibition organizers with a knife. Released videos of yesterday also show that MEK members were threatening the event organizers.

The MEK is desperately worried that divulging their crimes and records of their terrorist activities to the European public opinion will end their years of deception among the politicians of these countries. Therefore, they are trying to prevent the publication of documents and information related to their terrorist activities by fair means or foul.

Over 17000 Iranian citizens have been assassinated by the MEK terrorist group.