Terrorist Acts Show Enemies’ Hatred toward Afghan People: Iranian Diplomat

A member of the Iranian embassy in Kabul condemned the recent terrorist attacks in various parts of Afghanistan.

In an interview with Iran Press, Akbar Fallahnejad stated that terrorist acts in Afghanistan show enemies' resentment toward the Afghan people.

He noted that the Iranian government and people have always sympathized with Afghanistan's oppressed and honorable nation and rushed to their aid during the recent terrorist attacks.

Fallahnejad also called on Afghan officials and people not to fall into the trap of the enemies of Kabul and Tehran.

Iranian cash and food aid, including flour, rice, and oil, was donated Sunday by the Iranian embassy in Kabul to the families of the martyrs, wounded, and disabled in the recent terrorist attacks in the Afghan capital.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's total cash and food aid has been announced at 2,700,000 afghanis.

The capital of Afghanistan has witnessed terrorist explosions in recent days.

A school bomb blast west of Kabul killed 27 students and injured more than 100 others.