The Cooperation of MKO with Saudi Regime in Post-Saddam Iraq

Saudi Arabia provides $ 30 million a month in aid to the People's Mujahedin Organization.

The available statistics show that since the overthrow of the former Iraqi regime, more than 50 percent of the perpetrators of terrorist operations in Iraq are Saudis, Iraqi ambassador Fadhil Al-Shuwaili says. This regime in addition to sending suicide bombers to Iraq, is financing the suicide bombings with the aim of killing more Iraqis.

Emphasizing that Sectarianism in Saudi Arabia is the reason for the country’s support for terrorist operations in Iraq, he said that the latest document that the Iraqi government has attained shows that Saudi Arabia provides $ 30 million a month in aid to the People’s Mujahedin Organization (PMOI/MKO), which has been for long on the UN list of terrorist organizations.

Al-Shuwaili added that despite strong ties between the governments of Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi government has documentary evidence that most of the victims and martyrs of the terrorist attacks in Iraq were killed by Saudi insurgents with the financial support of the Saudi royal family.

Al-Shuwaili strongly condemned some of the Saudi clerics who keep on issuing the fatwas on the destruction of holy shrines in Iraq and the expulsion of the Shiites, noting that these fatwas are issued while the Shiites and Sunnis of Iraq have lived together for thousands of years.

The history of the Mujahedin e Khalq Organization shows that this terrorist group does leave any chance to achieve its goals and can achieve them by any means, as their most important goal is to get access to financial and monetary resources from any possible way. Therefore, this group does not leave any crime undone in this direction and does not even pay attention to the nationality of its victims in the way of its crimes; just as they were the executive arm of the Ba’athist regime’s crimes against the Shiite people and the Iraqi Kurds, today they are voluntarily seeking crimes against the oppressed people of Yemen. The unfortunate thing is that this terrorist group, despite all its crimes, has been removed from the list of terrorist groups in the United States and the European Union and is even being supported in a number of ways.