China ready to work with Iran in fight against terrorism

Chinese Ambassador to Iran voiced Beijing’s readiness to work with the international community, including Iran, to jointly tackle terrorism under the new circumstances.

Currently, the global fight against terrorism has made important progress. However, terrorist activities remain rampant, the breeding ground is yet to be eradicated. Frequent terrorist attacks around the world remind us that terrorism has never gone away. International counter-terrorism cooperation still has a long way to go and must be strengthened, not weakened.

Opting for unilateralist and bullying practices, a certain country has politicized counter-terrorism and turned it into a convenient tool. This has caused serious disruption to international counter-terrorism cooperation, and we all need to be on high alert.  

Here I wish to share China's propositions on counter-terrorism under new circumstances.

First, it is important to uphold international consensus. The international consensus on counter-terrorism is a valuable lesson we draw from numerous tragedies humanity has gone through. We need to keep our faith in unity and cooperation as the most powerful weapon against terrorism, rise above exclusive-block or zero-sum mentality, stand on the side of international justice, make decisions based on the merits of matters, and resolutely reject unilateral, selfish, and bullying acts that only jeopardize and erode international consensus on terrorism. Only when our consensus is kept intact can we ensure that the counter-terrorism endeavor stay in the right direction.

Second, it is important to adopt effective measures. In view of the new trends and new features of terrorist activities, we need to support the UN in playing a central coordinating role, support more coordination of positions and actions, and support creative and multi-pronged solutions to tackle cyber-terrorism, foreign terrorist fighters, radicalization, terrorist financing, and other outstanding issues. More attention should be paid to the impact of COVID-19 so that terrorist organizations will not be able to use the pandemic to instigate and execute attacks.

Third, it is important to follow a unified standard. There is no "good" or "bad" terrorism, but just terrorism. History has proven time and again that abetting terrorism will ultimately backfire. We must adopt a zero-tolerance, indiscriminate approach and resolutely crack down upon terrorists wherever they are and on whatever ground. We should reject ideological biases or double standards, and avoid linking terrorism with any particular country, ethnicity, or religion.

Fourth, it is important to deny terrorism its breeding ground. Development holds the master key to all problems. We need to address both the symptoms and root causes of terrorism, facilitate economic and social development in developing countries, and effectively alleviate and eradicate poverty. Developing countries, particularly those at the forefront of combating terrorism, should receive strong support, in the form of material assistance, personnel training, and others, to help them build capacity in counter-terrorism and deradicalization and reinforce every link in the battle against terrorism. Expert and academic exchanges should be encouraged to provide intellectual input to international counter-terrorism efforts.

Both China and Iran are victims of terrorism activities and share broad common interests in combating terrorism. We are all convinced that terrorism, extremism, and separatism pose a grave threat to human society and world peace and stability. China stands ready to work with the international community, including Iran, to jointly tackle terrorism under the new circumstances and maintain world peace and security.