Albanian Journalists interrogated by MEK

Olsi Jazexhi and Gjergji Thanasi respond to allegations that the Mojahedeen, MEK, #FreeIran, #MaryamRajavi cult command which is based in Albania makes against these two Albanian journalists. They reveal how MEK threatens journalists in Albania. MEK like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, PKK, Jahbat al-Nusra, PJAK is a violent organisation of Foreign Fighters. It is hosted in Albania and from there it wages media war against Iran, Iraq and a number of other countries.

However, the organisation has many internal problems. It keeps against their will many Iranians – some prisoners of war from the Iran – Iraq war. It attacks its opposition in #Albania by calling the defectors as agents of Iran. It uses Albanian security services to intimidate and jail those Iranians who want to live in freedom and abandon jihad.

MEK runs a number of Fake News websites and thousands of Fake Twitter accounts from where it attacks with Fake News the government of Iran but even journalists and international media who investigate their crimes.

Olsi and Gjergji reveal the #Covid19 infections inside the paramilitary camp of MEK, their mass deaths because of the infections and the happy life that the deradicalized MEK defectors live in Tirana and #Iran. Gjergji reveals the successful history of escape of Mr. Ghulam Ali Mirzaei a war prisoner of Iran – Iraq war who after suffering for many years under MEK yoke and Albanian police intimidations has finally succeeded to leave Albania and return to Iran.

Olsi and Gjergji respond to the questions that Maryam Rajavi and the mojahedeen command have about their connections to Iran. They respond about their salary, payments, orders and connections to the Iranian governmrnt. Gjergji ‘asks for salary hike’ from the Mullahs. MEK alludes that Olsi and Gjergji get 1000 EURO per month salary for their articles. Gjergji makes irony and demands a 10.000 EURO payment and promises to pay Albanian government tax if Iran agrees to pay him that amount. A part of this pay will go towards the MEK security.

After making parody with the allegations of MEK, Olsi and Gjergji tell to Rajavi and her gang that she cannot silence these two Albanian journalists from doing their job and exposing illegal activities of MEK jihadis in Albania and their dirty war against the defectors. The Mojahedeens have managed to blackmail many medias and journalists in Albania, however Albanian journalists and security officials keep on revealing the illegal activities of MEK to free journalists like Olsi and Gjergji who are not afraid from their blackmail and to reveal the truth to the media.

Gjergji Thanasi warns Maryam Rajavi and her jihadi gang that freedom and democracy is the enemy of MEK. Mullahs of Iran are not a danger of the Rajavi cult, but freedom for the mojahedin slave soldiers whom Rajavi keeps inside her paramilitary camp is the real enemy which is going to destroy the MEK cult.

The discussion is a must watch for journalists, security officials, cult and geopolitical researchers who want to understand the serious problems that Albania has regarding its media freedom, democracy and human rights, which are seriously violated by the presence of this violent Iranian jihadi organization.