MKO camp in Albania aimed to coordinate terrorist training against Iran: Virginia State Senator

In an interview with Russia's Pravda news site, Richard Black, a member of Virginia State Senate, said that the West has decided to employ MEK-led terrorists to overthrow the duly-elected government of Iran. Following is a part of the interview in which Senator Black addresses questions about the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq organization:

Pravda: Is there a risk that MEK, the Mojahedin-e khalq, will openly take in Iran the place that ISIS has had in Syria, giving way to a bloodbath in the Islamic Republic as well?

Senator Black: That is a distinct possibility.  However, Iran is a cohesive, unified nation.  Despite their internal political disagreements, Iranians are patriotic and even its dissidents are generally unwilling to undermine the unity of the nation. For that reason, I do not believe the MEK will find fertile ground to grow like ISIS did in the deserts of Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, the West has decided to employ MEK-led terrorists to overthrow the duly-elected government of Iran.  The Ashraf-3 base has just opened in Albania.  Its purpose is to coordinate terrorist training, logistics and military action against Iran. The Ashraf-3 facility will be used to plan the infiltration and destabilization of Iran. It may use both MEK terrorists and battle-hardened ISIS and al Qaeda troops who are moved there from Iraq and Syria. The massive Ashraf-3 base is a complete city. It has parks, shopping centers, conference centers, and a luxury hotel.  The heavily-guarded facility will be home to 3,000 MEK terrorists and families.  If MEK succeeds in toppling Iran, Maryam Rajavi has already been designated as its first interim president. The United States designated the MEK as a terrorist organization in 1997.  However, the push to overthrow seven Middle Eastern countries (including Iran) began to move forward rapidly in 2011 with the invasion of Libya.  MEK was removed for the list of terrorist organizations in 2012 in order to bring about a violent regime change in Iran.

Pravda: Has the west had much success working with organizations like MEK or al Qaeda in the past?

Senator Black: Employing the terror weapon has not produced good results for Western countries.  The CIA fielded a quarter-million-man army of terrorists against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  Saudi Arabia built a vast system of madrassas to indoctrinate youth in Wahabism, a remarkably murderous version of Islam. Although CIA's jihadists did defeat the Soviets, they also gave birth to al Qaeda, which attacked the U.S. on 9-11 and went on to spread terror across the globe.  Every time the West and its Gulf State allies use terrorists to overthrow governments, the results are disastrous. By recruiting and supplying affiliates of al Qaeda in Libya and Syria, we flooded Europe with a tidal wave of culturally-incompatible refugees.  This gravely damaged countries like Germany, whose people were startled when foreign immigrants assaulted and raped German women with wild abandon soon after their arrival.  The resulting crime and social disorder shocked Germans and Scandinavians, who may be permanently afflicted by these unpleasant social conditions.

Pravda: Some investigations made by Iranians point to a MEK responsibility in the recent oil tankers attacks. Is Washington still trusting this organization?

Senator Black: The MEK is not independent of Washington.  The Ashraf-3 base opening was attended by many senior-level U.S. officials.  National Security Advisor John Bolton told the MEK at its 2017 conference in Albania, "Before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran".  He was wrong. But John Bolton still intends to overthrow Iran. I am not convinced that Iran was behind the tanker attacks.  The attacks seemed staged and implausible.  In one case, the State Department insisted the Kokuka Courageous was damaged by Iranian magnetic mines.  But tanker crew said that flying ordnance pierced the ship's hull.  The holes pierced the ship above the waterline.  That means the magnetic mines had to jump up from the water and cling to the ship's side.  It seems that a covert intelligence action was the more likely source of the damage.