Irish politicians helping an Iranian cult agitate for war

By Liam Daly

With the Middle East still wracked with war, terrorism, sanctions, refugee and environmental crisis, American generals and CIA directors, Neo-conservative schemers, Saudi officials, Syrian “rebels” – and Irish politicians – are working with a bizarre Iranian cult to launch a World War.

This cult is known as the MEK and has a long and remarkable history of mutations in ideology and partners in its quest for power in Iran.

Originally allied with Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Communist party in the struggle to overthrow the Shah, the MEK became bitter enemies of the Islamic Republic after the revolution.

Allying with Saddam Hussein after he invaded Iran, they became his chief torturers and special operations forces in the Iran-Iraq War 1980-88. The Shia and Kurdish 1991 uprisings in Iraq against Saddam Hussein saw the MEK loyally helping to crush them when even Saddam’s Republican Guard faltered. MEK leader Maryam Rajavi ordered her forces at the time to “crush the Kurds under your tanks and save your bullets for the Iranians”.

Before the 2003 American invasion of Iraq the MEK pledged loyalty to the new rulers, getting weapons and training by the US and Israel for assassination and sabotage operations within Iran. At this stage the MEK had completely changed their ideology: in the 60s and 70s they had preached “Islamic Marxism” while now they preach the same “Freedom and Democracy” gospel as their new neocon and NGO patrons.

And this is where the Irish Free State politicians come in: the MEK pays top dollar (standard rate $3000 PER MINUTE) for American and European politicians to speak at their conferences calling for regime change in Iran.

At least 16 Irish Free State politicians (Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and “Independent” among them) have been attending these conferences and expressing public support since at least 2009 – when the MEK were still in the US terrorist list, and very shortly after it was removed from the EU list.

If they are accepting standard MEK payment, mainstream Irish Free State politicians and political parties have silently taken millions of dollars in donations from a cult involved in war crimes and listed as a terrorist organisation by their own government – and all to push “neutral” Ireland into a devastating war. These politicians have not told their own constituents or the Irish public of their involvement with this Iranian cult and their international conspiring for regime change – nor of the huge sums of money offered for these services.

Many of these politicians have been embroiled in corruption scandals at home: the idea that they would turn down $18,000 for the 6-minute speeches they have made at MEK conferences does not pass the giggle test. Many of them have taken the MEKs all expenses paid trip to their fenced-off mini city in Albania, where they give speeches praising the MEK for their “human rights”.

These Irish Free State politicians did not find the time to talk with parents outside the barbed wire fence whose children have been kidnapped by the MEK inside. They did not ask the MEK captors about how “human rights” fits in with their ongoing programs of brainwashing, sexual abuse, extortion, torture and murder.

The 3000 MEK members/inmates of this private city in Albania are not allowed to leave the compound, to speak with their families, to marry or have sex, to have any possessions (all their worldly belongings are transferred to the cult, a key source of MEK funding) and are subjected to daily brainwashing sessions.

One thing these Irish Free State politicians can benefit from is positive press coverage from regime change media: within their private city the MEK run a massive media operation with dozens of websites and thousands of social media bots.

For Western media consumers much of their “independent” news stories from Iran Syria Palestine and the Middle East region have come from the MEK media centre.

In the wider context of Irish political parties preparing to join an EU army while America, Britain and Europe lay the groundwork for war in the region, this secret neo-con cabal within the Free State establishment is a worrying development.

Irish politicians known to have supported MEK activities or appeared at their public events:

● John Bruton (Former Taoiseach, FG)
● Brian Ó Domhnaill (Senator, Independent)
● Mary Robinson (Former President, Independent)
● Gerry Horkan (Senator, FG)
● Marie Louise O Donnell (Senator, Ind)
● Marian Harkin (Former MEP, Ind)
● Neale Richmond (Senator, FG)
● Diarmuid Wilson (Senator, FF)
● David Norris (Senator, Ind)
● Paul Daly (Senator, FF)
● Catherine Noone (Senator, FG)
● Jim Higgins (Former MEP, FG)
● Dara Murphy (TD, FG)
● Lorraine Higgins (Former Senator, Labour)
● John Perry (Former TD and Minister, FG)
● Peter Matthews (Former TD, FG)

These Irish warmongers need to be made to answer the following questions immediately:

● How long have you worked with the MEK?
● Who introduced you to them?
● How much money and benefits in kind have you taken from them?
● Did you work for the MEK before 2009 when they were on the EU terrorist list?
● Do you support sanctions, arming of “rebels” and invasion of Iran by America and Europe?
● Do you support Irish participation in this?
● Have you asked MEK officials about their history of torture of Iranian prisoners and participation in genocide of Kurds?
● Have you asked MEK officials about their current kidnapping and brainwashing program to maintain their membership?

The above is an exposé by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland