Iran summons Pakistani amb. over Zahedan terror attack

Iranian foreign ministry has summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Tehran to hand in Iran’s protest over the Wed. terrorist attack on IRGC personnel in Zahedan, carried out by a terrorist group residing in the neighboring country.

In a statement on Sunday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said the Pakistani Ambassador to Tehran, Rafat Masoud, has been summoned by the ministry’s director general for West Asian affairs, over the 13 February terrorist attack on a number of IRGC personnel in Zahedan, which was carried out by a terrorist group operating from inside the Pakistani territory.

Ghasemi maintained that during the meeting with Pakistani ambassador, Iran’s protest was conveyed, and it was explicitly stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran expects the government and army of Pakistan to make a serious and decisive confrontation against the bases and moves by these terrorist groups active on the two countries’ shared border areas.

Iran also demanded that Pakistan not allow these terrorist groups to exasperate insecurity and distrust between the two countries by carrying out any more terrorist and inhumane attacks.

Pakistan was also requested to take immediate and necessary measures to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the Wednesday terrorist attack, Ghasemi added.

The Pakistani ambassador said she would convey Iran’s protest to her respective country as soon as possible.