Spiegel: MKO members in Albania camp receive horrific training

A German magazine has revealed that members of the MKO, also called MEK, undergo horrific training in a camp in Albania, the Mehr news agency reported on Saturday.

Der Spiegel said the members held in the camp practice “cutting throats with knife”, “breaking hand”, “removing eyes with finger” and “tearing down mouth”.

The German weekly magazine said those who left the cult group say the members are being tortured and subjected to psychological trauma.

Talking to 15 members of the group, the magazine said the camp in which 2,000 members are kept is 50 times the size of a soccer field.
The residents of the camp, 35 kilometers from Tirana, are not allowed to own mobile sets, watch and calendar, Der Spiegel quoted the fugitives as saying.

It also said some MKO members are active in construction work, some sit behind computers to post fake news on Twitter and Facebook about Iran, and some others try to enlist new members through Telegram.

Der Spiegel says the reason why Albania supports this group is not clear and the Interior Ministry has refused to provide answers.