'Vidal-Quadras supports a terrorist cult': Spanish newspaper

Criticizing Alexo Vidal-Quadras for his support of the Mujahedin-e Khalq oranization (MKO a.k.a MEK, NCRI, etc), the Spanish newspaper 'el confidencial' has described the MKO in a recent article as a shadowy terrorist cult that represents one of the most surprising chapters in the history of political violence of the last century. 

Referring to MKO's history of violence and terrorist attacks in Iran, Iraq and the United States, the writer believes “US officials, including National Security Adviser [Bolton], can have no illusions about the MEK’s propaganda lies about pursuing democracy or enjoying support within Iran. They know very well how despised the MEK are in that country. Unlike other Iranian opposition groups, however, the MEK can organise military operations”.