Historian Kocaqi on the MEK: ‘They should not have been taken in by Albania’.

Translated by Iran Interlink

A Live debate, ‘360 degrees’ hosted by Artur Zheji on Ora News asked – “2019, the best year for Albanians?” Guests included historians Dr Olsi Jazexhi and Dr Elena Kocaqi who both explained why the presence of the MEK terrorist group was damaging for their country. The corrupting and interfering presence of MEK in Albania is causing a backlash in civic society as well as damaging the political life of the country. After the independent reports of various UK and American media, the people of Albania now know who they are dealing with.

Historian Elena Kocaqi speaking on “360 Degrees” at Ora News, considers it wrong that the Iranian Mojahedin were taken in by Albania.

Kocaqi: Our government should not be involved at all with issues relating to Iran, and for me, the Mojahedin should not have been taken in by Albania at all. Taking thousands of people and thereby importing conflict is, for me, very wrong. Albanians have been so persecuted in the last two centuries, even by Europe, there is nowhere to go. Normally there would be a rise and not a drop, and you will protect those few Albanians who left Europe. The Albanian factor keeps the balance in the Balkans and is much more important than we think. From the secret letters of Austro-Hungary, they linked their empire to the existence of the Albanian nation. We will also become part of Europe.