Iran strongest regional power fighting terrorism

 Iran is the strongest and biggest power in the region that is fighting against terrorism, according to Iran’s interior minister, adding that Iran has played a major role in stabilizing the region.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli made the remarks in a meeting with the Interior Ministry staff in Tehran to instruct them to act in accordance with the principles of the ‘Resistance Economy’ in line with the guidelines of the Iran’s Leader.

In part of his remarks Rahmani Fazli started his remarks by giving a report on the performance of his ministry during the last Iranian year of 1396, saying that different political parties and social groups had the right to protest and express their ideas and there was no problem in that regard.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the interior minister referred to security issues in the country and the region, saying that Iran is in the middle of the crisis in the region.

He went on to add that while the Saudi leaders accuse Iran of destabilizing the region and the cause behind the regional insecurity, it was with Iran’s help that terrorist groups like ISIL which were created and financed by them, were defeated.

Rahmani Fazli added "before the US presidential election, Trump had said that Saudis were the biggest supporter of ISIL and it should be fought against, but when he visited Saudi Arabia he changed his mind after signing massive contracts with them."

He went on to stress that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the most powerful and biggest country that is fighting terrorism in the region as the nations and officials of the countries involved are well aware of and confirm, adding that if there had not been with Iran's assistance, the situation would have been different.

The Iranian interior minister concluded his remarks by stressing that Iranian products must be used and bought in line with the guidelines of the Leader.