IRGC winds up conflict with ISIL in western Iran, kills 5

Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour announced the termination of recent bloody conflict with self-styled terrorist group “ISIL” and said, “five members of ISIL terrorist group were killed as a result of this bloody conflict with the Iranian forces.”
While announcing the end of clashes occurred between combatants of Najaf Ashraf Base and Takfiri terrorist group, he added, “in this bloody conflict, a number of 16 Takfiri terrorists were nabbed and five of them were killed.”
The conflict between Takfiri-Zionist terrorist group of ISIL lasted more than 30 hours, he said, adding, “in the course of this breathtaking clash, three of brave combatants of Najaf al-Ashraf Base of IRGC Ground Force were martyred.”
The majority of terrorists who were arrested in the recent clash were foreign nationals, he said, and emphasized, “the brave combatants of IRGC Ground Force announced that they will respond to the heinous acts of terrorist group categorically in cooperation with other intelligence, military and disciplinary forces and also loyal native forces of the region.”
Commander praised self-sacrifice of brave combatants who were martyred in this clash and expressed his deep condolences to their bereaved families.