Interior Min.: Terror cell dismantled, 16 arrested, 4 pursued

Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli discussed the details of the latest security operation against terrorist cells attempting to enter Iran, saying some 16 terrorists have been arrested, one killed, and four being pursued.
Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said Sunday that police and security forces have sufficient intelligence to identify and confront the terrorist cells which plan to cross into the Iranian territories to carry out attacks.
Asked about the details of the latest security operation against terrorist cells, Rahmani Fazli said IRGC forces in cooperation with the Ministry of Intelligence clashed on Saturday with a terrorist cell which planned to cross into Iran. During the operation, some 16 terrorists were captured, one killed, and four others currently being pursued by the security forces.
Rahmani Fazli added that three security forces were martyred during the operation.
“In general, good cooperation between the public, border guards and security forces, and the constant surveillance by the Intelligence Ministry, have allowed us to identify terrorist cells and dismantle them before they could carry out any attacks on the Iranian soil,” he said.
Rahmani Fazli highlighted the importance of intelligence provided by the people, asking the public to report any suspicious activity to relevant bodies, particularly the Ministry of Intelligence, so that the threats against the country would be neutralized in time.