Terrorism caused by foreign interference in Pakistan: President Mamnoon Hussain

Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday, in a veiled attack at the United States, said terrorism in the country was caused by the interference of foreign powers.
The Express Tribune quoted Hussain, as saying at the inaugural session of First Speaker's Conference at National Assembly: "Pakistan has been dragged into the war-quagmire after the tragic 9/11 incident."
President Hussain further said Pakistan was most affected by terrorism as more than 70,000 people lost their lives and the country born a financial loss of more than USD 120 billion during last few years.
The government has taken a few steps to curb terrorism in the country, Hussain said.
"As a result of these steps of Government of Pakistan, the terrorists have received a severe blow. I am sure that this issue will be addressed completely in the near future," the president said.
Pakistan President emphasised that Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Russia and Afghanistan have a wide scope to work together for the development and prosperity of their people as these countries have geography, common values of opinions and similar conditions.
"Our geographical proximity has the potential of changing the course of history," he said.