Terrorist attacks from inside Pakistan to Iranian borders not in favour of relations


President Rouhani emphasised that Tehran wants to develop relations with Islamabad in all areas, stating that Iran attaches great weight to its friendly, brotherly relations with Pakistan.

In the meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan that was held late on Tuesday local time in New York, President Hassan Rouhani welcomed the recent development in relations between the two countries, saying: "The two nations are willing to have solid, permanent relations between Iran and Pakistan".

"We are ready to supply Pakistan’s energy, and we welcome Pakistani investors in this area," the president said, referring to the vast potentials in Iran and Pakistan to deepen the cooperation.

Dr Rouhani said that develop economic relations requires better cooperation between the banks of the two countries and added: “Iranian and Pakistani banks should be encouraged and to establish branches in the two countries supported on the basis of agreements made”.

The president also referred to the Iranian gas pipeline to Pakistan and said: "In this section, we have carried out our part and in the form of a huge work, we have taken the gas pipelines to the border of the two countries”.

Dr Rouhani said that Iran was ready to complete the gas pipeline, adding: "I hope that the obligations of both sides be fulfilled, which will be in the interest of both countries".

The president added: "We are also ready to export electricity to Pakistan with the joint investment of other countries in the border areas with Pakistan".

Dr Rouhani also stressed the need to develop the border areas of the two countries and strengthen relations with safe and secure borders, saying: “Terrorist groups attacking our borders from Pakistan are not in favour of our relations and we expect the Pakistani government to identify terrorist groups and prevent their activities against Iran”.