21 ISIL terrorists arrested in Mashhad

MASHHAD, Jul. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s intelligence forces have arrested 21 ISIL-affiliated terrorists who had been planning to carry out attacks in city of Mashhad, Deputy Prosecutor of Mashhad said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Hassan Heidari said intelligence forces were monitoring for the last few months some members of ISIL takfiri terrorist groups who had crossed into the country with fake IDs, planning to carry out attacks in Razavi Khorasan province, northeastern Iran.

“Right upon arrival, these individuals had been under covert surveillance by intelligence forces. Following the terrorist attacks on Tehran, 21 members of the terrorist groups were arrested during a timely operation,” he added.

Heidari went on to add, “after initial interrogations, it was revealed that the terrorists were Iranian and Afghan nationals who had been trained by ISIL terrorist group to carry out suicide attacks in Mashhad.”

According to Heidari, some of the arrested terrorists had carried out several attacks outside Iran and had been in constant contact with ISIL.

Further investigations are underway to identify and arrest other potential affiliates of these individuals, he added.