Iranian nation to stand against terror, violence more powerfully

President Rouhani described terrorism, violence and extremism as opposing culture and art, adding that the ultimate goal of terrorism is eradicating humanity and human civilisation.

During the ifter ceremony that was held late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani said: “Islam is the religion of art of speaking with God and teaches us how to pray”.

 “Art teaches us how to speak with God and our kind, regardless of their ethnicity, language and nationality,” said the President adding that science and art do not recognise any borders.

Referring to the recent election and people’s spirited attendance and high turnout, he said: “Of course, our artistes were more active in this field and I sincerely thank them all”.

“The person who taught us the lesson of democracy and religious democracy during the revolution was Imam [Khomeini] (RA),” Dr Rouhani said.

He also went on to say: “Terrorism is the opposite of culture and art, using bullets and violence as its language. The goal of terrorism is eliminating humanity and the human civilisation of a nation that has been the victim of terrorism from the first day after its victory in the revolution”.

Iran has stood against terrorism and fought it and has even saved great nations from terrorism, said Dr Rouhani adding: “It is natural that today, Iran has to pay the price of this resistance”.

The Iranian nation rejects violence, the President added, saying: “The Iranian nation advocates democracy and the ballot box and this nation follows the path of resistance and resilience with the language of culture and art”.

“Without a doubt, today the Iranian nation will stand against violence and terror stronger and more spirited than before; this great nation and all free nations throughout the world will stand against extremism and violence,” he added.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran continued: “During the past years, these terrorists were thinking about entering our country and striking the great nation of Iran. They tried tens of times but they failed and if today, they attempted to enter the late Imam [Khomeini]’s tomb or the Majlis, using weapons against people’s representatives, they failed”.

“Terrorist will keep failing against the integrated, hero and brave Iranian nation who recognises its language, culture, art and vigilant youths,” the President added.

He went on to say: “We trust you and you trust the administration and will continue to do so. We created a turning point together and we will join hands and take firm steps in our way to achieving our high national goals”.

“Our way is the way of security, freedom, peace, and advancement and development of our country and we must use our art and culture in doing so,” President Rouhani said.