Women humiliated in MKO; But why?

Following its theatrical shows in France, now MKO has conducted a deceitful parade in Albania under the name of “International Women’s day” by gathering a number of women unaware of the group’s history of terrorist activities; agenda: necessity of freedom for women in the Iranian society!!

It is ironical that the MKO, well aware of the situation in Iran, creates lies for the very audience (who buy these lies either due to unawareness or love of money) and claims that the Iranian women are deprived from freedom and are forced to follow compulsory Hijab regulations while claiming to be bringing freedom for them.One should ask himself about how the MKO leaders treat the women in their group while they create such lies.

Studying each and every female member of the group proves that all of them are required to wear uniform and cover their heads, with no exceptions. This indicates the fact that MKO tries to distort reality and hide it from outside. Although they claim that this kind of clothing has been selected by the women in group, could anyone believe that there’s not even a different idea or selection among hundreds of female members?! In addition, this kind of mandatory uniformity of clothing shows that we are dealing with a “Cult”, with exclusive ideas about women.

Regardless of the way women wear in MKO, another issue that attracts attention is the fact that all female members of MKO are single. According to some public reports, MKO leader Msoud Rajavi ordered all members to divorce and banned marriage in the group since the 80s, so all members can only dedicate themselves to the cult leader and MKO’s cause. All this information is verified in reports and memories of former members of the group and are publically accessible.

This is not all of it. Revelations (on sterilization of women) made by former female members, including Batul Soltani, Zahra Amirbagheri and others, expose the fact that the world is dealing with a horrible, bizarre and weird group which is violating women’s basic rights.

It should be noted that these women are never allowed to have a contact with their families in Iran or even meet them. Efforts by tens of Iranian families, whether inside Iran or abroad, during past years to see their relatives in MKO camps in Iraq, and now in Albania, have remained futile. Even when the UNHCR in Iraq was going to interview the members, group leaders insisted on the presence of their own representative in all interview sessions; which clearly shows their fear of any comments about the internal situation.

Now the question is whether or not such a group with extreme cult beliefs that suppresses the basic needs of its own female members, is qualified to speak about women’s rights and women’s day or hold conferences for them?! Do the female politicians, who attend the group’s rallies in France or Albania, know that they are deceived by an anti-women cult?

Are all other female members allowed to travel to everywhere in Europe like Maryam Rajavi? Are they allowed, like Maryam Rajavi, to enjoy the right of having husband and family?