US-backed terrorism aims to partition Muslim states

TEHRAN, Nov. 06 (MNA) – Head of Iran's Strategic Research Center said terrorists and extremists are a tool in the hands of Americans and Zionists in the region in order to divide Muslim countries.  

Ali Akbar Velayati, senior adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution on international affairs, made the remarks in a meeting with a Tunisian parliamentary delegation in Tehran on Saturday, while warning of the hazardous consequences of partitioning Islamic countries.

“The first perilous outcome of partitioning countries is that they become weakened and unable to resist hegemony and Arrogance,” Velayati said. “The second consequence is the outbreak of war and conflict among partitioned countries that will last for a long time.”

“The US and the Zionist regime seek to divide Muslim countries in order to preoccupy them with wars and conflicts,” he said.

Velayati went on to stress, “the Islamic Republic of Iran supported Syria in order to prevent the breaking up of the country and the dominance of extremists and terrorists. The same peril is threatening Iraq, and Iran’s presence in that country is strictly upon the Iraqi government’s request.”

Velayati highlighted that Muslim countries have great resources and can potentially become an important part of the world power, noting that the Tunisian Revolution could serve as a model for other Arab countries that seek democracy.

The Iranian senior official further stressed that bilateral relations between the two countries should develop in the fields of economy, culture, and trade.

A Tunisian MP on behalf of the parliamentarian delegation present at the meeting said her country highly respects the constructive role of Iran in the region, adding “particularly in the case of Syria, if it had not been for Iran’s intervention, the country would have collapsed.”

She expressed hope that terrorism in the region would be eradicated, adding “considering the destructive influence of Saudi Arabia on other countries, we really hope that no war would break out between Iran and some Arab nations.”