US ‘hamartia’ brings terrorism to ME

TEHRAN, Oct. 31 (MNA) – Head of Parliament NSFPC has accused US of being the major contributor to terrorism through its hamartia in Middle East foreign policy.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi who was speaking to a meeting with Mr. Søren Espersen, Chairman of Foreign Policy Committee of Danish Parliament on Monday said that the US and its allies had been on the wrong track when they supposed that supporting extremism would secure their interests in the region, which he believed had a backfire which hit the region the most.

He also severely berated Saudi Arabia for the kingdom’s conduct of a prolonged war in Yemen where crime against humanity was being committed, and no serious efforts by the international community had come to address the crisis where fundamental rights of the Yemenis were violated.

Boroujerdi however was quick to reiterate Iran’s policy of supporting the political solution for Syrian crisis from the outset when the street unrest was still to develop to full-fledged civil war.

Head of Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission also believed that the US had a second hubris which amounted to dipping the region into turmoil where extremist petty proxies fought with support of the Saudi regime as US proxies; “they divide terrorism to good and bad, a policy which have so far backfired with letting loose the beasts of the ISIL and other ferocious extremist groups on the public in Iraq and Syria,” he told Danish counterpart. “We support political efforts to bring stability to Syria and also support Iraqi and Syrian territorial integrity, and welcome cooperation with any country which shares this policy with us.”

On bilateral ties with Denmark, Boroujerdi believed that Parliamentary relations would help both sides to develop a true understanding of the bilateral ties and of capacities of both sides; “we welcome Danish parliamentary delegation as a good omen and as indication that there is a will to improve ties with Iran in Danish Parliament,” he added.

Mr. Espersen for his part told the meeting that Danish government and parliament hailed improved ties with Iran as an influential country in the region and would support further development of ties. “We share the view with many countries including with Iran that all countries should come together to bring defeat of the terrorism; humanitarian aid delivery should be facilitated in the affected areas including in Syria and Yemen, where there has been a human disaster for some while," he told Boroujerdi. “We also hail bilateral ties and believe Parliamentary relations will bring relations to a definite good level.”