Saudis committing ‘worst terrorism’ in Yemen

TEHRAN, Oct. 26 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said the world wisest statesmen should seriously address terrorism relying upon their international influence.

Ayatollah Khamenei received on Wednesday Mr. Sauli Niinistö Finnish President who leads a delegation of businessman and entrepreneurs to Tehran.

Leader criticized the so-called anti-terrorism coalition as hypocritical, a critique he raised against US and other western countries who were lacking resolve to tackle terrorism in his Tuesday meeting with Bosnian Bakir Izetbegovic. His criticism especially touched piercingly Saudi Arabia for the kingdom’s conduct of war in Yemen as blatant savagery and crime against innocent civilians; “Saudi’s are committing the worst type of terrorism in Yemen in willfully targeting a funeral ceremony where no military was present; this is the most painful realities in Yemen where Saudis are red-handed,” the Leader lamented.

“Tackling terrorism requires a strong resolve by those who have influence over international organizations; and the wisest statesmen of the world and those who cherish human glory should sit together to address this malady and to uproot the most virulent disease of the modern times,” said Leader who was calling on the intelligentsia as well as prominent political leaders.

“We see no serious and strong political will especially in Yemeni case where Saudis have been loose upon the innocent civilians; despite the atrocities evident in its savage nature during past 19 months, the world has been largely an onlooker, only beholding the carnage in a defiant silence; ludicrously enough, outgoing UN secretary-general notoriously removed Saudi Arabia from child killer list lest the kingdom cuts financial aid to the UN,” the Leader told the meeting.

“In Syria, Iran supported and is supporting Syrian democratically elected government, while the US and its allies had been blowing the clarion trumpet of changing the government in Damascus,” the Leader asserted, and thus fueled already burning blazes after Arab Spring of 2011.

Ayatollah Khamenei also turned to bilateral ties with Finland, where he believed that implantation of bilateral agreement would have lasting imprint on minds of the public as to the effectiveness of bilateral relations and in bringing concrete change to their personal lives.

Mr. Niinistö who was sitting along with President Rouhani in the meeting, said that he was pleased to visit Tehran, expressing his satisfaction with the bilateral agreements signed today Wednesday; “trade delegations have done a good job in taking effective steps, which we believe will not remain on paper; Finnish tradesmen have a strong will to work with Iran,” he told the meeting.

On the issue of the region, Niinistö said that in the last decade, the world had been viewing the emergence of terrorism and extremism and a complete turmoil had beset the political arena; “terrorism now kills innocent civilians in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Middle East; mothers are regularly victims of the murders; we share your view that governments and hegemonic powers have failed to fight and curb terrorism, along with the UN which has been also an accomplice in general lethargy in dealing the crisis,” he added, highlighting Iran’s role in fighting terrorism, which he believed, would continue till the complete defeat of extremism.