Iran says US strike on Syrian army proves ISIL sympathy


Mehr News Agency

Iran has strongly condemned the US airstrikes on Syrian army in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, saying the attack proves that US is sympathetic to ISIL.

“This move by the US which coincided with ISIL attacks on the same position is in violation of Syria’s independence and national sovereignty, and proves that the terrorist groups in Syria have the support of the US,” Bahram Ghasemi, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman, said on Sunday.

On Saturday, US-led coalition airstrikes killed over 80 of Syrian soldiers and wounded at least 120 others near Deir Ezzor Airport in an eastern part of Syria. The US military said the attack on Syrian troops was ‘unintentional’, but Russia and Syria said the strikes prove the US and its allies are defending ISIL.

Ghasemi went on to add, “not only is the American forces’ attack on Syrian army’s positions of no help to the process of combating terrorism and establishing stability in the country, but also it is a threat to the proclaimed ceasefire.”

“The airstrikes have paved the ground for the reinforcement of a group whose name has been clearly listed as a terrorist group in the resolutions issued by the Security Council,” Bahrami said. “Thus, this move by the US is against international standards, as well as the responsibilities and obligations of UN member states, especially those who are a member of the Security Council as well.”

The Iranian diplomat further called on all sides involved in the conflict to avoid any imprudent and rash actions in the field in order to control and settle the crisis in Syria.