Larijani, Bartolone discuss terrorism, bilateral ties

TEHRAN, Sep. 06 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament speaker has received President of French National Assembly before a joint press conference on Tuesday.

Mr. Claude Bartolone arrived in Tehran Monday night to discuss with Iranian officials the ongoing crisis in the region as well as bilateral relations. His first host was Mr. Ali Larijani, Parliament Speaker who met him before they held a joint press conference Tuesday morning. “Iranian and French Parliament have enjoyed good relations and Mr. Bartolone’s visit will be a turning point in further improvement of inter-parliamentary relations; economy provided an important topic on today’s meeting with crisis and terrorism in the region coming the second on the agenda,” Mr. Larijani told the press. “We were unanimous in some of the issues in bringing solutions to perennial crisis in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon; we hope Mr. Bartolone’s visit will be successful.”

“Easing banking restrictions, JCPOA, and French private sector’s participation in Iran’s economic projects also discussed,” he added. Mr. Bartolone also addressed the press conference briefly. “My delegation includes the head of Parliamentary Friendship group and members of defense and foreign policy commission; we thank Mr. Larijani’s condolences to French government and people on terrorist attacks, events which delayed my impending visit to Tehran,” he said. “Such exchanges provides representatives of people to talk about nuclear issue, crises in the region, and improving economic ties; French National Assembly welcomes keeping a good relations with Iranian parliament, and visit by head of foreign policy commission to Iran before hitting JCPOA provide testimony to this enthusiasm, with Iranian ministers meeting Paris, and Ségolène Royal, France's Minister for Ecology, being the last in exchanges,” Bartolone told the press.