Terrorism will engulf world if prompt action not taken: Iran

TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Tuesday condemned deadly terrorist attacks in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Takfiri-terrorist groups’ root and ideology have targeted the regional countries’ stability and security,” Qassemi said as car bomb explosions on Monday took the lives of at least 24 people in Kabul, and nine in Baghdad.

In the terrorist attack in Kabul, which Taliban claimed responsibility for, 91 people were also injured. The attack in Baghdad also left more than 20 people injured. Daesh took responsibility for the bomb explosion in Baghdad.

Qassemi said the terrorists are killing hundreds of innocent people while the international community has kept silence over their crimes.

“The violent terrorist actions will continue as long as the international community lacks the true and necessary determination to identify the roots of the Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorism and make the supporters of the terrorist groups accountable and cut backing these groups,” he stated.

Qassemi called on the international community to fulfil its legal and moral duties in fighting terrorism which is a “threat against humanity”.

Elsewhere, he called terrorism a “serious disease” which will spread over the world and cause more “serious” and “dangerous” challenges if it is not cured at the proper time.