Iran’s President warns about threat posed by spread of terrorism


TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cautioned world states about the threat posed by the spread of terrorism, and urged cooperation to confront the inauspicious phenomenon.

Speaking at a meeting with visiting Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in Tehran on Monday, Rouhani said regional countries should strengthen their cooperation and adopt strategies to put an end to ongoing conflicts in the region.

Referring to spread of terrorism and its repercussions for the Middle Eastern states and all countries around the world, he said, “In countries in our region which are currently plagued with terrorism and bloody conflict, people of various ethnicities and faiths peacefully and cordially coexisted for centuries but clashes in fact began when certain people interfered in the internal affairs of the region and fanned the flames of divisions, terror and horror via seemingly appealing slogans such as fighting terrorism and (promoting) democracy.”

Reinforcing unity among all regional countries in a bid to restore peace and stability and jointly fight against terrorism is very important, the Iranian president noted.

As regards ties with Bulgaria, Rouhani expressed Iran’s readiness to open a new chapter in relations with Bulgaria in all sectors.

He said age-old bonds and commonalities between the two nations have prepared the ground for strengthening the two side's cooperation, and noted, “Bulgaria, as a friendly country, can serve as a gateway and a bridge between Iran and European countries in all areas.”

Borisov, for his part, said Bulgaria is determined to boost all-out cooperation with Iran and added that his country can serve as a gateway for Iranian products to a 550-million-strong European market.

He added that Sofia seeks to set up a new corridor in the region to pave the way for Iranian products to reach European markets.