Iran leads countries fighting terrorism: Russian official

TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Former member of the Russian State Duma Foreign Affairs committee Simon Bagdasarov said Iran is the true role model of fight against terrorism in the Middle East.

“No country in the Middle East has effectively thwarted foreign terrorist plots for four decades like Iran and despite various plots, it is the safest country in the region,” Bagdasarov told Iranian reporter in Mosco.

After the Islamic Revolution, he said, the US sought to disturb Iran's peace and stability through the instigation of terrorist elements in the region done repeatedly to avoid strengthening the position of the Islamic Republic in the region.

Bagdasarov who is now the director of the Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies in Russia and a prominent expert said US fell short over its own actions and conspiracies against Iran, provoked Saddam to invade Iran for a massive military war and at the same time terrorist groups in the West were drawn to act against Iran according to US plans.

Underlining that Iran leads the countries fighting terrorism, he said “unlike Iran’s extensive and efficient measures against terrorism, unfortunately, many Middle Eastern countries do not combat against terrorist groups, but some like Saudi Arabia offer financial and political support of the groups including ISIL.”

He added that although Riyadh now claims it fights against this group, it has a direct role in shaping it.