Terrorism highlighted on Saudi embassy

Activist group Pixel HELPER projects the words “Daesh Bank” on the walls of Saudi Arabian embassy in Berlin to draw attention to the detention of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi and Riyadh’s alleged support of the Takfiri terrorist group.

The Friday night “guerrilla light project” was organized by artist Oliver Bienkowski whose collective Pixel HELPER specializes in holding such exhibitions.

The group has announced that further light protests will be held in the future to draw attention to Badawi’s plight.

Badawi (seen below) was arrested in 2012 for criticizing the Saudi government. He received 50 lashes in a public square in Jeddah in January 2015 as the first part of his 1,000-flogging sentence.

In the past, protests have been held outside the embassy in Berlin and other Saudi diplomatic missions around the world in protest to the 31-year-old blogger's incarceration.

On October 29, Badawi was honored by the European Parliament as a symbol of fight for freedom of speech.

Various international human rights groups have on multiple occasions censured the Saudis’ grim human rights record, arguing that widespread violations continue unabated in the country.