Senior Cleric: West’s definition of terrorism serves its interests


“The West defines terrorism based on its own interests. This is an issue that needs to be discussed in our scientific communities. We need to discuss how they deem Hezbollah as a terrorist group while depicting some Takfiri groups as freedom fighters. What is the basis of this way of thinking? It does not have an arbitrary basis, but a divine one, with the difference that their God is their own passion.” Said a senior Iranian Cleric, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, In a meeting with Habilian Association’s Secretary General, Mr. Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad.

Ayatollah Javadi Amoli further elaborated on differences between the West’s definition of terrorism and its definition based on divine teachings and said: “They consider our defense against enemies’ attacks as terrorism while we insist our defense is sacred and necessary. There are fundamental differences between us and them.”

He went on to say the definitions in West are solely meant to serve their own interests and continued: “In the West’s point of view, everything, including terrorism, is defined based on their desires while we believe divine sources must be relied upon and used to bring justice. So we will never have double standards. We never consider terrorists as freedom fighters neither will we take defenders of national sovereignty as terrorists. While they support one side of the conflict today and name them as terrorists tomorrow, if their interests necessitate it.”