Heshmatollah Davoodian

Heshmatollah Davoodian was born in Rais Kola Lafur, a Rural District in Shirgah, a district in Savadkuh County, Mazandaran on September 23, 1938. He had studied up to the Secondary school, but due to poor economic conditions could not continue his education and turned to driver job to support himself and his family. After the victory of the revolution, Heshmatollah joined Basij Volunteer forces and used to collaborate with the Basij Institution of Shirgah. On February 26, 1982, when he was guarding in the Basij Base, the place was invaded by a Marxist terrorist group (Fedayan-e Khalq, the Branch of Ashraf Dehghani). Davoodian was killed in fight with those terrorists. His sepulcher is in the Martyrs’ graveyard in Chali.