Iran's Rouhani urges Saudi officials to apologize for supporting terrorism

Iranian President appeared in a press conference in Rome and stressed the measures that Islamic, Christian, and other religions’ missionaries can adopt to fight extremism, violence, and terrorism.

When asked about the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Rouhani said: “Iran has always sought good relations with Saudi Arabia, because Iran and Saudi Arabia are two Muslim and important countries of the region". But he went on saying Saudi officials should apologize for the killing of Nimr, the massacre of the Yemeni people, the killing of a large number of people during last year’s Hajj rituals, and the support of terrorists active in the region.

Attending a meeting with the Iranian nationals residing in Italy earlier today, Dr. Rouhani stressed that Iran is at the forefront of fight against terrorism and extremism, and added: “If Iran did not have active presence in confronting terrorists, today the world would be facing terrorist states in the region instead of terrorist groups, and this would be a grave threat to the world”.