Martyr Peymaneh Ebrahimzadeh

Peymaneh Ebrahimzadeh was born in 1976 in the city of Orumiyeh. Her father was a farmer and her mother a housewife. Because of the special circumstances governing her city during the Iran-Iraqi War, she was unable to continue her studies, thereby dropped out of school after finishing middle school.

In those days, she often attended Quran teaching classes and sometimes helped her mother with household chores. Grown up in a religious family, she was very fastidious about performing her religious obligations after reaching Taklif age, trying to say her prayers on time and in the mosque.

She got married in 1994 and gave birth to two children. She was famous for her honest and kind behavior with her husband among friends and acquaintances, but her loving life did not last long and she soon joined the martyrs.

On September 22, 2010, she and her family had gathered to watch the military parade on Army Day. Because of overcrowding, she and her second son, Mehdi, who was 16 months old, got separated from her husband and stood at the corner of the street at distance of about 50 meters from the stand.

The tribe members had just demonstrated their parade when a bomb exploded near the tree. In the early moments of the explosion, Peymaneh died before the eyes of her husband, but Mehdi, who had been hit by several shrapnel in the skull, ears and chest, was taken to hospital by his father. After multiple surgeries, the medical team decided that the shrapnel could not be removed from his head, and he needed to be under constant medical care, as any displacement of the shrapnel could lead to the fatal bleeding.

Later, Komala terrorist group claimed responsibility for this incident. In this bombing raid which was carried out during the military parade on the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq War, the majority of victims were innocent women and children.