Martyr Hassan Binabaji

Hassan Binabaji was born in 1961 in Binabaj village in Khorasan Province. His father, laborer, and his mother, a housewife, made lots of vows, and God favored them with Hassan. Soon after his birth, Binabajis relocated to Mashhad and settled in this city. Feeling a deep love for Hassan, his parents tried to meet all his demands. However, Hassan was so considerate, avoiding causing inconvenience to them. During his elementary school, Hassan worked besides his school to lift weight off his father’s shoulders.

Although they were economically deprived, he tried to lend money to the poor. As the first son and eldest child of the family, Hassan was also very kind to his younger siblings, buying gifts for them in order to encourage them to help their parents and do their religious tasks. He himself never neglected his religious duties and kept a daily evaluation of his deeds.

His adolescence was shaped by the anti-Pahlavi revolutionary movements. While he was in school, Hassan acquainted with revolutionaries and accessed to the written statements and audio tape cassettes of Ayatollah Khomeini speaking about the revolution. Imam Khomeini’s enlightening and rousing words quenched his thirst for the truth, making him a round a clock active supporter of the revolution.

In the ensuing years after the Islamic Revolution, Hassan Binabaji did not give up supporting the Revolution and, along with some of his neighbors and friends, began identifying potential anti-revolutionary forces and dobbed them in to the Islamic Revolution Committee.

To defend his country against the invading Iraqi Ba’ath regime, Hassan joined the war fronts for two months.

His commitment to Islam and the Islamic Revolution has made him a thorn in the side of the MKO. They repeatedly sent death threats to him and even made several attempts on his life. Identifying a group of MKO members, Hassan Binabaji chased them on November 9, 1981. But, the chase ended with Hassan shot and killed by MKO members.

His last will and testament reads, in part, as follows:

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

Always keep this Revolution, as you keep it now. Your eternal prosperity lies in the complete victory of this Revolution. Never neglect the fight against the US, which it is looking for an opportunity. Using the guidelines of Imam(Khomeini), punch the devilish and world’s great imperialist power in the mouth.