Supporters of terrorism condemning terrorism

Hosting the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council member states and leaders of Syrian terrorist groups, the Saudi Arabia organized a multilateral propaganda maneuver. On the one hand, the Saudis tried to represent Iran as the occupier of the three islands: Abu Musa, the Greater & Lesser Tunb Islands). On the other hand, they represented themselves as the savior of people of Syria, Yemen and all the other Arab countries.

The GCC leaders issued a statement in the summit in Riyadh calling for the reconstruction of Yemen, remaining silent on the massacre of thousands of innocent civilians and obliterating mosques, schools and hospitals in Yemen. By providing full support for the terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government and emphasizing on the necessity of removing Bashar al-Assad and bringing the terrorists who crumbled Syria into ruins to power, the Saudi Arabia showed that it is not the savior of the Arab World but the main cause of insecurity in these countries and all the region.

The GCC member states’ claim about the Abu Musa, the Greater & Lesser Tunb Islands is also a very repetitive and shabby claim that has become a political satire and fails to draw the attention of others. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always responded to this claim and call on the Persian Gulf countries to deliberate and avoid from being manipulated by the foreigners. The statements they issue are so worthless that even Sultan Qaboos refused to attend the summit. The claim regarding the three islands is an instruction by the colonial powers to the Persian Gulf states to put a lid to the Zionist regime’s crimes against Palestinians and their occupying behavior.

They are also looking for turning the world’s attention from their own crimes. The world’s public opinion is now aware of the fact that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Emirates are responsible for killing of thousands of Yemenis. It is known to all that the Saudi and Qatari Sheikhs fund terrorists’ crimes in Syria. It is also as clear as crystal that the ISIS and other Takfiri groups’ mindset emanates from Wahhabism. The European countries also know Saudis as the main cause of insecurity in the middle east. The Amnesty International said earlier the week that the Saudi Arabia committed war crimes in Yemen by deliberately targeting schools.

The Saudis are whitewashing their crimes in Yemen, Bahrain, East Saudi Arabia and Syria by spending millions of dollars and holding feasts in Riyadh. They are pretending to be a supporter of the Arab nations and security in the region. The massive propaganda of the Saudi Arabia these days is looking for representing it as the victorious in Yemen, while it is no more than a dream. The reality of Yemen can be found in shooting down the Saudi warplane and sinking the Saudi military vessel in Yemen. The people of Yemen are so resistant and they will never surrender to the Saudis. Future of Yemen, Syria and Bahrain belongs to the people of these countries and it will have nothing but disgrace for the Saudi Arabia.

The history of the Islamic Republic of Iran shows that the country is standing alongside of the nations against terrorism and despotic rulers. This logic will be the victorious hands down, since the people always overcome the oppressors by their iron will even if the supporters of terrorism condemn terrorism by hypocrisy and propaganda tricks.