‘US unending war on terror made world less safe’

A British author and journalist said the world has been a less safe place ever since US President George W Bush launched his never ending War on Terror.

“In addition, so many crimes are now being described as acts of terrorism when in fact they are merely criminal,” Yvonne Ridley said during an interview with Habilian Association.

“The way forward would be for the UN to determine an exact and definitive definition for terrorism and until it comes up with a definition countries and people from around the world will continue to define some acts - wrongly - as acts of terrorism,” she added.

She added that ISIS is not a religious death cult but a highly lucrative, money-making criminal mafia-style organisation which is turning the sale of antiquities, kidnapping and selling of oil into a major revenue earner. “Cutting off or choking its financial interests would be far more effective than bombing.”

She also made a comment on the Iranian terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, a.k.a. MEK) describing it as a “quite subversive and quite dangerous cult.”

She added that MKO needs to be exposed to what they are which she believes is a “dangerous subversive.”

“Until the UN can come up with a definition of what constitutes terrorism these rogue organisations will continue to export their terror to Iran with impunity,” She added.

“Planning an atrocity aimed at civilians should be universally condemned and those responsible arrested, no matter where they are based, but until nations come together and stop harbouring their enemy's enemy this injustice will continue.”