Iran says some countries use terrorism as tool to enforce sovereignty

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said some countries are using terrorism as a tool to maintain sovereignty over certain areas in the Middle East and condemned the double standards in approaching terrorist movements.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Fazli claimed the best way to fight terrorism is to solicit honest international cooperation, Trend correspondent reported from Tehran on Nov. 16.

Iran has always expressed concern over terrorism, which has found a new identity and become a threat to all, he stated.

Noting Iran's early recognition of the "Islamic State" (IS, aka ISIS and ISIL), Fazli pointed out that Tehran was ready to cooperate with all countries to fight regional terrorism.

Iranian, Iraqi, and Syrian foreign ministers were scheduled to meet to discuss regional developments, but due to an increase in terrorist activities, the meeting was postponed, he remarked.

He maintained that Iran had so far arrested terrorists who have occasionally tried to use Iranian territory for logistical movements, adding that Iran's response to terrorism will always be unforgiving.

Pointing to Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari's Nov. 15 remarks that Iraq had informed the United States, France, and Iran of impending terrorist attacks before the recent Paris incident, he said not only does Iran exchange security information with neighboring countries but the county has also designated a security zone 50 kilometers beyond its border as a red line for terrorist activities.

Any terrorist activity that occurs across that red line will spur Iran to take any necessary security measures, he stressed.