There is urgent need for global war on terrorism, Iran says

Hamid Baeedinejad, director of the Political and International Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry, has said that international fight against terrorism and its roots are highly urgent.

He posted on his Instagram page on Sunday that any comprehensive fight against terrorism requires consensus on some principles in order to be effective.

The comment by the diplomat followed a chain of terrorist attacks in Paris late on Friday that left 132 people dead and over 350 others injured.

Following are the principles he mentioned:

1- Terrorism should be condemned by all regardless of its roots and sources.

2- Terrorism should not be divided into good and bad ones. If a terrorist group is supported by a country because of endangering its political rivals, it should not expect not being influenced by the terrorist groups. Playing cards with the terrorist groups is very dangerous.

3- At the current time, no country is safe from danger of the terrorist groups. So, a global front with participation of influential movements in civil communities should be formed to counter terrorism. No country should be happy about the killing of people by terrorist groups whose country has supported intentionally or by mistake. Ethically, there should be no tolerance for being indifferent towards the killing or harming of the innocent people.

4- Actions should be taken to eradicate religious roots of terrorist groups along with political, military, financial and legal fight against these groups. From a social point of view, preventing residence in suburb areas of big cities can considerably help counter terrorism. It is very surprising that one of the terrorists of the Paris attack was a 29-year old man who was born in Paris and resided in the city’s suburb.