Martyr Robabeh Ismaili Ali-Shahi

Robabeh Ismaili Ali-Shahi was born on September 16, 1966 in Tehran. She was the first child of the family and she had been brought up as a responsible girl since childhood.

She had a successfully performance at the years of school. She had a keen interest in studying, which explains why she always was among the top students of her class. After reaching the age of Taklif, in which the observance of religious duties became mandatory, she always performed her religious obligations thoroughly and on time. As a child, she had dedicated herself to self-purification and had an aversion to backbiting.

With the rise of the awakening movement of Imam Khomeini, Robabeh, who was still young, joined the lines of revolutionaries and marched amongst the protestors in the streets. Her parents, concerning that participation in these demonstrations could bring dire consequences upon her, warned her about her actions, but she, who had found the path of righteousness, convinced her parents to let her continue her activities.

After the Islamic revolution of Iran, Robabeh devoted herself to promoting the causes of the Islamic regime. A passionate fan of reading, she set up a library at their school so that she could familiarize the rest of her classmates with religious books, and dissuaded them from falling prey to the deceptive promise of MKO terrorist group who sought to enlist members from among the students.

After the outbreak of Iran-Iraqi War, Robabeh attempted to make her contribution to the war against Baathist regime by attending mosques and packing the items required for soldiers at the fronts. As an active and assiduous young woman, she registered in relief and first aid classes so that she could be dispatched to the battlefronts as a rescuer.

In the morning of August 23, 1984, Robabeh along with a bunch of her friends were on their way to the railway to attend their class. They were getting out of their car when a bomb planted by MKO terrorist groups in a phone booth at the corner of the street suddenly exploded. In this tragic accident that left a large number of other people killed and injured, Robabhe lost her life as well.